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Lead smelting plant

        In this plant, recovery of pure lead and various lead alloys are produced in high production capacity which are used for manufacturing (S.L.I) batteries depending on an up-to-date technology. The plant consists of modern technology for air filtration to avoid any pollution to the environment in the site and surrounding area.


Babel Factories:

Babel factories produce different kinds of lead acid batteries for starting (S.L.I) according to the international specifications No. (IEC-95) and Iraqi standard specifications No.(81), these batteries are dry charged and can be used after being filled with diluted sulfuric acid with specific gravity (1.240 1.250) i.e., No need for more charging. The company produces two kinds of batteries with plastic containers & batteries with rubber containers of different capacities according to  SBMC specifications table .


Al-Noor Factory:

The factory produces dry batteries type (Zn-MnO2) used for electrical applications of lighting torches, tape recorders, baby toys ...etc. Three standard sizes are produced (R-20 , R-14 , R-6) using raw materials of high quality. It also produces other non-standard batteries for different purposes. The factory had production license from Hitachi Maxwell/Japan


The factory includes quality control department to check the product quality, in-process quality inspection, calculating the shelf life of product, testing for final products, to follow up the quality with costumers and during storage periods. Al-Noor dry batteries are produced according to International Standard, JIS C85011971 and the Iraqi standard 114/197


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