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Been compiled most of the quality management system documentation, by achieving the following :

1.    Preparing a uniform coding system for all departments of the company

2.    Preparing a coding system for all sections of the company documents

3.    Opening track records for all sections of the company (administrative documents issued and received it)

4.    Completion of a quality manual.

5.    Completion of the quality inspection and test manual.

6.    Completion of a work instruction manual.

7.    Quality procedure manual  (in print)

8.    Prepare cards for all the machines in the lab Babylon / 2

9.    Prepare MRO cards for all lab machines Babylon / 2.

10.  Induction including counter heya system and its role in raising the efficiency of the company and its products and achieve high profitability while minimizing damage ratios in order to achieve customer satisfaction.



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